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Historical costumes, weapons, replicas

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Women costumes● Gothic dress / costumes● Viking costumes● Rococo
● Complete costumes
Shoes● Gothic shoes● Renaissance shoes● Baroque shoes● Christs shoes
Medieval armour● medieval armour and plates● Gambesons / Padded jack● Helmets● Gauntlets
Medieval arms and weapons● Swords one-handed● Daggers● Medieval crossbows● Crossbow arrows● Bow arrows
Shields● Wooden shields● Metal shields
Leather accessory● Leather bags● Wristlets● Purses● Gloves
● Caps and hats● Flasks
Tin manufacture● Tin dishes● Tin statuettes
Pottery● Plates and dishes● Pitchers● Goblets and cups● Clay sculptures● Raku ceramics
Medieval glass● Glasses and goblets
Art and Paintings● Oil paintings● Underpainting on glass
Wooden products● Pitchers
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Welcome to online shop KUMST - en

Our shop KUMST is ocupied by selling hand-crafted products, historical costumes, historical weapons, replicas of medieval glass and pottery, or many other hand made products.

These are main topics we are oriented on:

Zbroj raného středověku

The armour of the early Middle Age

Chain mail coats, cuirasses, shoulder armour, gauntlets, helmets, padded jacks, leather armour, and other sortiment...
Some products may be ordered directly in our online shop, the rest can be ordered by phone or email, and can be made-to-measure and according to Your whishes.

Plátová zbroj vrcholné a pozdní gotiky

The cuirasses of the top and late Gothic

In addition to our offer for individual pieces we also make complete armour-plated fitted cuirasses according to customer wish and idea.

Chladné zbraně

Functional replicas of historical medieval weapons

Swords (one, one and half or two handed), daggers, knfes, axes, poleaxes, crossbows, bows. All replicas are fully functional.

Historické kostýmy

Historical costumes

Wide variety of historical costumes both for men and women. Gothic dresses, reneisance dresses, kilts, coats, tunics, etc.. Costumes are hand crafted only from high quality materials such as velveteen, duvetyne, natural linen, cotton leather or fur.

Historická obuv

Medieval shoes

We make historical shoes according to order in any sizes and according to special wishes of customer. The shoe sole is usualy made from foam rubber or leather so it is fully functional.

kožené tašvice

Leather accessoires, bags, belts, etc...

Wide sortiment of costume leather accessoires. We offer leather bags, leather belts, wristlets etc. All is made from solid natural leather.

Replicas of gothic and renaisance galss and pottery

True copies of glasses, chalices, flagons made from typical green glass. Wide sortiment of pottery, pitchers, pintas, etc.

Paintings, decorative art, jewelery and accessoires

Are You searching for gift for Your friends? Multiple sortiment of products like jewelery made from natural materials, paintings and other craftsmanship may make a pleasure to everyone.

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